35th Annual Pea Ridge Mule Jump
Official Rules

All decisions of the official judge are final. We reserve the right to correct any errors on the show bill prior to the event being held.

Please, excuse the word “horse” on pre-printed forms.

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  • General:

    1.) Required: Current Negative Coggins Test within twelve (12) months.
    2.) Any treatment or handling of an animal deemed to be excessive or cruel will result in the participant’s immediate disqualification from any and all events.
    3.) All participants will be free to admission.
    4.) Each rider-handler must have a number to enter an event.
    5.) Youth Division, a mule may enter a speed event more than once with a different rider.
    6.) Adult and Senior Divisions, a mule may enter an event only once. A rider may ride more than one mule.
    7.) Points: 1st Place = 5, 2nd Place = 3, 3rd Place = 1.
    8.) Negel Hall Memorial: a Belt Buckle will be given to the high point Mule/Rider-Handler Combination in three (3) divisions: Senior (ages 50 and over), Adult (ages 17 to 49 ) and Youth (ages 16 and under).

    Speed Events:

    9.) There will be a five (5) second penalty for a barrel or pole knocked over.
    10.) In the Flag Race, the 3rd barrel, bucket of sand and flag must stay upright until the finish line timing barrier is crossed or elimination.
    11.) Breaking the timing barrier line before completing a race will result in elimination.
    12.) Not following the pattern will result in elimination.

    Jumping Events:

    13.) Each mule may enter only one (1) Jumping Event.
    14.) The handler is not to have help from another person to get the mule to jump or elimination.
    15.) Each participant will receive two (2) opportunities for the mule to clear the height at which the jumping obstacle is placed during each round of competition.
    16.) Once a participant’s name or number has been announced, the handler will have one (1) minute to bring his/her mule to the jumping obstacle; where it will be deemed ready to jump by the event judge. If the mule fails to be set within the allowed time, it will count as an unsuccessful jump. Timing may be done by the judge or an arena steward.
    17.) Once the mule has been judged ready to jump, the handler will have ninety (90) seconds to get his/her mule to attempt to jump the obstacle. If the mule fails to jump within this time, or unsuccessfully attempts to clear the obstacle, this will count as an attempted jump. The ninety (90) seconds will be restarted once the mule is, again, set to jump. Stepping out of the box is considered an attempt.
    18.) Two (2) unsuccessful attempts to clear the obstacle will result in the elimination of the mule from the jumping event.

    19.) In case of a tie:
    • 1.) The mule that cleared the height in one attempt wins over a mule that cleared the height on the second attempt. If the mules clear the height on the same attempt;
    • 2.) The winner will be chosen by the flip of a coin, or
    • 3.) The prize money and points will be split.
    • 4.) In the Pro Jump a decision will be made as to whom the belt buckle or trophy will go to. This may be done by the flip of a coin.